Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Youth Retreat at El Congo

The Rev. John Habeker and the Rev. Cesar
Hernandez preside over the evening service
at San Jose del Congo

Above: Rev. Amy Zuniga, Rev. Cesar Hernandez,
and los jovenes from Santisima Trinidad, before
a discussion on calls to ministry, in particular
women in the priesthood.

Above: Youth fromSantisima Trinidad, San Martin at the retreat.

The afternoon coffee club of El Congo stops
for a bit of Java, well, a whole lot of Java and
philosophizing. These hearty young men
after a long and grueling day in the throes
of their recent green coffee bean fight, like
to enjoy a good cup of coffee like any other
six year old. They start 'em on a good cup of Joe
young here in El Salvador. Here as they relax
after discussing the correct way to prepare a good
cup of coffee,"Is it five or ten spoons of sugar per cup?"
they engage in applying the universal sign
of annoyance and which has ruined millions of
pictures the world over, "bunny ears".

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