Saturday, September 24, 2005

Anniversary Trip to Suchitoto

Top-Iglesia Santa Lucia set on the edge of the plaza in the middle of town. Built between the
years 1853-1858.
Middle-In front of Lago Suchitlan
Bottom- Villa Balanza where we stayed the scales were done by a local artist. On the right are a stack of tortillas and on the left is the head of a bomb.

This is backtracking a little, but we did take an anniversary trip last monthe for our one year anniversary. We took a bus to Suchitoto which is an old colonial town about fourty-five minutes north of San Salvador and sits above the Lago Suchitlan. We had dinner in the bell tower of the Restaurante Villa Balanza and had a great time in the city, except for the bee sting Amy received in the open air mercado. Luckily it happened in front of a booth that was selling handmade soaps and herbal remedies where they gave her a salve made from a tree in El Salvador which relieves pain. It worked, though the sting did still swell up a bit. While hanging out in a cafe talking with the guy behind the counter, he asked Amy where she was from and what she was doing in El Salvador. She said she was a deacon with the Anglican/Episcopal church in El Salvador. He gave her a funny look and she asked, "Do you know the Episcopal church?" He answered "Yes, of course, a friend of mine was a priest here and is now in Washington D.C." Amy exclaimed, "You know Hannah?!" Turned they both had mutual friends, Rev. Hannah Atkins and her husband Elmer Romero who now live in Washington D.C. Incidents like that sure make the world seem small. Pretty cool. --Vince

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