Thursday, September 08, 2005

Diocesan "Convivio"

  • Above:Salvadoran Anglican laity and clergy gather to listen to presentation on Our Anglican Heritage.
  • Below:Amy talks with Mario and Rafael, members of the music ministry at Iglesia Santa Maria Virgen, our congregation's nearest Anglican neighbor. We hope that Sta. Maria Virgen will help with the guitar lessons!

Over sixty people from almost all 25 congregations in the Diocese gathered last Saturday for a "convivio" (loosely translated, a lively gathering!) where we learned about Our Anglican Heritage, using a wonderful book by the same name in Spanish written by The Rev. Hannah Atkins when she was here as a missionary with the Anglican/Episcopal Church in the 1990's. Each congregation was assigned several aspects of Anglicanism to describe, and our group from San Andrés got "naturalist, political, tolerant, humane, moderate, and historical"- thanks, Hannah! It was really great seeing some of the women from our church get into describing these different aspects of Anglicanism. My favorite part was when Wilma, describing the church's commitment to a humane society said, "If we don't cry out, the stones will cry out, and we're not going to let the stones cry out!" Amen! -Amy

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