Thursday, September 08, 2005

Settling In

Family and friends,
Well,now that we've finally gotten somewhat settled in we can work on the updates! We have an apartment about a block away from the Diocesan office. It's a nice spot not far from the buses and near a good pupuseria(for those who don't know what pupusas are, you'll just have to come down and try them!).
We've met quite a bit with the Bishop of El Salvador,the Rt. Rev. Martin Barahona, who is also the Primate of Central America, and he has lined us out on our jobs. I will let Amy explain in another posting what she is doing, but I too have a job. It was a little unexpected. I knew vaguely, when I came down here, I might do a little something with music, but I wasn't quite expecting to do it in the scope that the bishop has lined out. In his conversation with us,which was all in Spanish, I kept hearing the words Ministerio de Musica. I thought, "Oh, well, that's kind of a cool title for playing a little guitar in Amy's church." I come to find out he meant for the whole diocese! His plan is to have two musicians and instruments in every church. I'm working on a curriculum for teaching guitar and people in the diocese are excited. Music has been an area the bishop has wanted to strengthen for a long time, so here we go. The songs here are awesome. One church here has a few guitar players that lead the music and it is so cool.The people sing with such heart. Hopefully theses guitar players will assist in the classes. Things are well. More postings on the various projects in the diocese to come.

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