Saturday, December 10, 2005

Guitar Workshop

Top: Members from various congregations work on chord changes. Middle :Music Director, Mario, from Iglesia Santa Maria Virgen leads
a small group on the basics of guitar.

Bottom: Members from various congregations work on chord changes.
Bottom-Chord changes 1 y 2 y 3 y 4!

On Saturday we held the first all day guitar workshop for the diocese and had a great time. The Bishop has set a goal of having at least two church musicians in every church and mission, and it looks like we are on our way. The students exceeded all expectations, since beginning to learn to play an instrument can be very difficult and frustrating, but all attendees hung tough, and by the end, were strumming the first few bars of Pescador de Hombres. I gave the more advanced players some exercises and techniques to chew on and incorporate into their playing. It's an exciting time, since what music the diocese does have, mainly at Santa Maria Virgen and San Mateo, has an incredible energy to it. Hopefully all I'll be doing is feeding a fire that'll turn into a blaze. A local luthier we discovered down in the depths of El Centro, the chaotic, somewhat dangerous, mercado down in the center of the city, is currently making guitars for all the churches and missions in the diocese which will be paid for by a grant we received from CDSP. Thank you CDSP! We plan on posting pictures of the guitars and luthier's workshop soon. -Vince

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