Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve, Silent Night? Nope------BOOM!

Lighting the Advent Wreath before the Christmas Eve misa, good practice for the firecrackers later that night.
Christmas Eve was awesome and loud, very very loud. Fireworks are big here on Christmas and yes, I hit up the stands, which were numerous in the city and loaded up on my share of dangerous minor explosives to celebrate and welcome in Christmas Day. It was a joyous celebration, I'd have to say much more joyous and happy than Christmas in the states tends to be and not so caught up in commercialism, thankfully. Christmas Eve was about being with friends and family to Celebrate the birth of Christ, loudly. Amy pretty much had to yell out the Eucharistic prayer, "El Señor...Boom!...sea...Boom!....con....Boom!.....uste--des!!!!.....Boom!Boom!Boom!"
We're not talking little lightweight wimpy American fireworks here. I saw kids lighting off firecrackers about the size of sticks of dynamite. After the service we were invited to the Senior Warden's house for Salvadoran tamales, different than the Mexican tamales I grew up with, dodging fireworks along the way, and after returning home, sat around sipping Flor de Caña Rum( made from sugar cane flowers). We then opened a few presents, then at midnight, with the rest of the city it seemed, lit off fireworks. I've never seen anything like it, the noise was incredible. I did miss my family vey much (Most of Amy's family was here for the ordination) but had a great time and look forward to next years celebration.
Vince Right: kids from church light off some tamer fireworks for a change of pace.
Above: Audrey attempts to send off a Silbadore

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