Thursday, October 06, 2005

Messages from the children of San Andrés Apostol Episcopal Church and School to Gulf Coast Hurricane Victims

Above: Students from San Andres Apostol
create cards for Gulf Coast hurricane victims.

Below: The completed cards

The children's messages:
“We love you with all our heart. We love you a lot, with this hurricane we hope you are well. The day it arrived we were praying.”

“Don’t be sad, my brother, God loves you. This flower is about to be born, like you in the heart of God. Be happy like this bear and this squirrel.”

“I hope that you are fine after the Hurricane Rita and that you can return to your homes.”

“Dear people I want to tell you that I hope you are very well in your houses. Be careful with the hurricanes. I would like to meet you one day.”

“For those who suffered the Hurricane Katrina, I wish you luck and that your family members are well.”

“We love you a lot and are sending you these cards to tell you we love you. We know that the hurricane left you without a house.”

“I am very sorry, don’t feel alone. May God bless you a lot. Don’t be sad my brothers and sisters. We know what has happened to you.”

“El Salvador is with you. Friend, I am sorry about what has happened, but don’t loose heart, keep moving ahead. May God help you to move ahead and be strong.”

“I want to tell you that we are praying a lot for you. I am very sorry for what happened.”

“For the United States. Lord, I ask you to bless the United States.”

“I desire for those who suffered Hurricane Katrina that they have faith and that nothing else happens to them.”

“Don’t be sad, all this will pass, I’m telling you as a friend. Everything that you lost God will give back to you, and I believe God will give you more than you lost. God bless you.”

“God is the light of the world. God bless you. In our country we hope that you will be protected by our almighty God. After this tragedy, we hope that you get better with blessings from the almighty.”

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