Monday, October 03, 2005

La Copa del Obispo- preliminaries

La Reverenda leads the girls team from San
Andres Apostol in a prayer before the game

San Mateo, Lourdes plays San Jose del Congo
Bottom picture: San Juan Evangilista hammers
it out against San Marcos, Izalco

It was a rainy Saturday morning in Lourdes for the preliminary games of the Copa del Obispo (Bishop's Cup) for the section in which San Andres Apostol resides. San Andres Apostol kicked butt and set themselves up in good position for the tournament in two weeks out in Ahuachapan. The tournament will consist of teams from all over the diocese and should be a lot of fun. They take their futbol (soccer) seriously here and even the preliminary scrimmages has an intensity to them.

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