Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to Work...

On my first day back at work, Jacob checks out the librería (bookstore) with new friends Vilma and Lupita

Vilma holds Jacob; Jacob makes me laugh!

We arrived back in El Salvador after spending the last two months of my maternity leave with family in California, and both returned to work, in mid-February. It's been good to be back in El Salvador, and while returning to work has been an adjustment for all of us (Jacob's not to big on Mommy not being around a couple of evenings a week, and since Vince has been working with groups we've had several adventures in tag-team parenting!), it's been wonderful to see Jacob with his many Salvadoran "amigos." He goes to the office with me two days a week, and my staff completely re-arranged my office because they weren't pleased with the placement of his "cunita" (aka playpen)!

I have been thrilled to return to a church and school which are not only still running, but doing better than before I left! A number of physical improvements have been made to the school, the staff re-vamped (both to meet more stringent Ministry of Education standards), and a new, wonderfully dedicated, highly qualified director hired. When I left there were three evening activities a week at the church, and now there are four! Vilma, the lay reader who the bishop put in charge of San Andrés while I was gone, did a fabulous job. We need to pray that she continues to respond to God´s call to ministry, hopefully ordained ministry!

Jacob visits with Don Emilio and Niña Romana;
Jacob gets a hug from Dieguito (below)


Carla said...

Amiga Amy no se si escribinendote aqui me responderás, no se si entendí bien pero si Jacob es tu hijo que Dios te bendiga y te colme de dicha y felicidad, yo también se lo que es tener un hijo y te cuento que estoy esperando mi último bebé, amiga por favor escríbeme y si alguna vez te ofendí perdoname tu mejor que nadie sabe que mucha gente necesitamos el perdón.

Tu amiga que no se olvida Carlita Quito - Ecuador

Anonymous said...

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