Sunday, March 11, 2007

Images from Johannesburg: TEAM 2007

LEFT: Amy with Diana, chaplain of the conference, an amazing priest from Uganda and its future bishop!
RIGHT:Brian from the Seychelles modeling
a Salvadoran stole

Amy with other young women clergy:
Sally Su from Mexico and Irene Ayallo from Kenya,
currently studying in New Zealand

Amy con-celebrating the Eucharist planned and lead by the Latin American delegation with Bishop Julio Murray of Panama and Bishop
Maurício Araújo, primate of Brazil, with transitional deacon Sally Su from Mexico City.
Our tri-lingual liturgy (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) included music, dance, and was accompanied by artwork depicting some of the issues the conference discussed as lived in different parts of Latin America

Some members of the Latin American delegation grabbed a photo op with Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori

Members of the Latin American delegation and staff of the Episcopal Church center enjoyed themselves at a fiesta hosted by the Anglican and Global Relations office of 815.

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