Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Advent I

Advent is my favorite liturgical season. Advent is so very real. It reminds us that we're in the in-between-time, after Jesus came to announce the in-breaking of the Reign of God, and before that reign is brought to its full-ness. It reminds us that we're not there yet, neither individually, nor in our communities, nor as a human family. We are like the people waiting in the dark for the dawn, like the ancient people waiting for its Savior. There is so much to do... and not only to prepare for Christmas. There is so much to do to make this world look more like what God wants it to look like that sometimes it is completely overwhelming. Where to start? The Church starts its liturgical year with this time of waiting. Waiting in the dark during the darkest days of the year, for the light to begin to increase. Waiting for Emanuel, God-with-us, to come again on earth. Reminding ourselves that we are waiting for something. -Amy


Kelvin said...

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Kelvin said...

Me - again !!! Seasons Greetings from NZ