Wednesday, November 01, 2006

San Andrés Science Fair

Above: One student offers an explanation of his project

As the school year neared an end, students at Colegio Episcopal San Andrés Apóstol got a chance to show off what they had learned at the school science fair. The panel of judges reviewed the projects of students from kindergarden up to sixth grade, as parents looked on and children nervously awaited their turn to explain their project. The winning project in the upper grades was presented by 5th grader Mayra Aguilar, who gave a med-school worthy explanation of the process of human gestation and birth.

Rt.:Mayra Aguilar and her winning project on the birth process.
Lt.: Lissbeth Escobar stands above her detailed project onthe negative effects of deforestation in El Salvador.
Below: Students and parents mill about inside the church for the science fair

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