Monday, August 07, 2006


Members of Fundación Cristosal with Amy lt-rt Michael Kingston, The Rt. Rev. Skip Adams-Bishop of Central New York , Rev. Scott Trull- Diocese of New Jersey, and The Rt. Rev. Thomas Ely- Bishop of Vermont.

The Rev. David Starr co-celebrates the Eucharist

at San Andrés Apostól.
Members of the Anglican Church of Canada/ Habitat for Humanity
volunteers from Calgary and Toronto after the eucharist.

Lt: The obispo discusses Shannon's time here in El Salvador.

Rt: Crispaz board member and St Andrew's Marblehead( a companion parish) congregant view the band instruments San Andres bought with money donated from St. Andrew's.

Lt: Rev. Anna Olson from Trinity Episcopal Church, Los Angeles poses with Amy and the past Reina de la Independencia.

Below: Ben Ansbacher, ERD volunteer from North Carolina works on a San Andres computer that was having problems.

Rt: Volunteers Jim
and Ellen O' Hara from
Pennsylvania work in the new
school library at Colegio San Andrés Apostól.

Bilingual instructor, Mary Ann Zuniga,
works with teachers from the various
Anglican schools in the diocese on
developing new teaching techniques

Amy with lt-rt Rev. Matt Calkins-St. Paul's Bridgeport CT., Rev. Lee Crawford- St. Mary's VT, Rev. Jim Hagen-Diocese of New York

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