Monday, April 24, 2006

Mission in Las Canoitas

Preaching to the congregation of Las Canoitas and to the greater community of Bajo Lempa over Radio Mangle (Mangrove Radio)

Lay Missioner Cain Hidalgo conducts the Prayers of the People

Visiting after the service with the people of Las Canoitas, Bajo Lempa

Left: Heading home after the misa


Chris said...

Hey Amy,

My name is Chris and I am a member of a group at my Catholic Parish that bridges with a village in El Salvador called Haciendita Uno outside of Suchitoto. I was delighted to see your link to the Peace Center for the Arts! Srs. Peggy and Elise have become great friends of my group, they host us at the Peace Center when members of our group come to visit.

I am leaving this message in a comment because I had no other way of contacting you. I was planning to visit the community later this month but because of the bus protests Sr. Elise advised us to postpone our trip.

I am trying to get accurate news from El Salvador to begin awarness projects in my parish but am having trouble finding news coming out of the country, blogs are my main source. CNN, the BBC and other news agencies seem akwardly silent. Do you know of anywhere that I can research to find more information?

I enjoyed reading some of your blog entries and looking at your pictures. I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is May God bless you and your work!


Anonymous said...

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