Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Taller de Guitarra Numero Dos

The second guitar workshop was very successful. We had over thirty students altogether and people from other congregations who did not attend the first workshop attended as well. We added a piano teacher for this workshop and she had ten very eager students. Those who attended the previous workshop showed progress, which should improve since we received the first batch of guitars from the luthier who we contracted to make guitars for the various churches in the diocese. Practicing and improvement should increase now with reliable access to instruments. We handed them out at the workshop and a few of the students later said that their biggest worry was hoping that the guitars would not be stolen from them on the bus ride back to their churches. This was something we did not fully take into account. All of the guitars made it back to the churches safely, but having enough guitars for the students to play on at the workshop may be an issue, since they may be reluctant to bring the church guitar on the bus. Judging by the progress I've seen so far, we should have music in churches who've never had music relatively soon. Now, we're working on getting keyboards to those parishes who have interested congregants, and we would like to introduce other instruments such as the standup bass, which one parish does have, and vihuela. -Vince

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